Tuesday, December 1, 2009

El Hombre Scale: Week 12

Each Monday (or Tuesday), we'll celebrate the top 5 and bottom 5 QB performances from the previous week.


Vince Young
Where do you draw the line between clutch, good mojo, and luck? Betting on Vince Young going 99 in two minutes for a winning touchdown wouldn't fetch good odds, and they'd drop lower if you knew he'd have to convert 3 4th downs in the process. And the first of those do-or-die conversions happened because somehow the defensive back had his back turned and the ball whizzed right by his head. But the dude got it done, culminating with a sweet step-up to avoid a rush and an on-the-run-across-the-body pea to Kenny Britt for the winning score. Clutch, mojo, luck ... a bit of all 3.

Drew Brees
Mentioned this on Twitter, but it seemed like the Saints have been operating at about a third of their capability the past few weeks against crummy teams, gearing up for the Pats. And, in the immortal words of Randy Moss, they whooped they ass. So precise, so creative, awesome to watch.

Dennis Dixon
The OT interception aside, the only one more impressive than Ray Rice (studly) and Cris Collinsworth (calling out everything before it happened) on Sunday night was Dixon. Even if the Ravens D isn't what it used to be, that's an intimidating situation, and Dixon didn't bail all night. Earlier Sunday on the Fantasy Fix, guest Rocco DeMaro compared it to taking on a tiger with a baseball bat. The Louisville Slugger won.

Aaron Rodgers
That loss to the Bucs seems like a long time ago. Crazy completion in the 1st quarter, when Rodgers threw the ball close to 70 yards in the air.

Brett Favre
How do you turn 40 and somehow play twice as good as you did when you were a back-to-back-to-back MVP almost 15 years ago? Unless you're Barry Bonds, of course.


Matthew Stafford
As quickly as everyone jumped on the bandwagon after his heroics against Cleveland, they jumped off twice as fast after this stinker.

Chad Henne
Throwing in Upstate New York in late November isn't the same as South Florida.

Tom Brady
Dare we say he was rattled? Sure looked like it.

Jake Delhomme
Even more than the interceptions (which were hideous), the thing that made Delhomme so bad Sunday was the number of times he threw an incompletion and there wasn't a single player on the screen when the ball stopped rolling. That is stunningly inaccurate.

Brady Quinn
15 completions. 100 yards. Goo.