Monday, November 23, 2009

The Office Power Poll: "Shareholders Meeting"

1. Michael: The shaking out the jitters as Andy faux-announces him was genius ... "I wish the windows werent tinted so people could see us in here." ... Nailed the twirl/spin. Nailed it ... "Limos are for people who make the company money, not lost millions and have no plan. So we're leaving early." Brilliant line, brilliant move, brilliant performance this episode. A virtuoso Michael Scott - displayed every element of his personality that makes him so enjoyable/cringeworthy.

2. Oscar: He always seems to find himself on these guy road trips, doesn't he? ... Two and a half jabs at his sexuality, from Michael ("I hate to break it to you Oscar, but some of us like boobs"), Dwight ("How is he gonna have grandkids?"), and Andy ("Don't be a wuss" - 1/2) ... "I know a guy, this Mexican guy, he is a math whiz, he's knows economics as well as he knows bull fighting."

3. Jim: Finally does something cool and badass after about two seasons of of being lame (what guys say) and cute (what girls say).

4. Security Guy: Has he ever protected the President? Madonna? The Obama twins? He's not supposed to talk about it. P.S.: Nelly Furtado.

5. Former Congressman Chris O'Keefe: Respect for pouring the glass of scotch during the recess ... Some good lines: "Who the hell is this guy"; "He's our best manager? Where's the off button on this moron."; "He can take the bus. He's had his limo ride."

6. Phyllis: Strong performance by her, getting "plastered" at lunch. Wonder if she and Bob Vance had a nooner in the restaurant bathroom again.

7. Erin: Only one line, but it was brilliant (upon seeing the limo): "It's like what high school kids take to prom on TV shows."

8. Dwight: Ah, getting caught changing lines. Kinda like when you change lanes in heavy traffic, only to see your departed lane start to move ... There's shirt guy in the garment district who specializes in mustard-yellow button-downs ... Who the F are you to ask Dwight to save your spot in line? Were you raised in a world without consequences?

9. Andy: How did he get a 1220 on SAT but still made it into Cornell? Glee club as an extracurricular activity must've pulled some serious weight ... Not gonna lie: we would've expected a more theatrical pretend-intro for Michael.

10. Ryan: Finally gets served by Jimbo. Don't worry Ryan, you know it gets bigger once you're in there ... Wardrobe Watch: Cardigan, then a checkered shirt with a tie. One of the better subtle subplots of the season.

Others receiving votes:

Kevin: Who heard it from Ryan? "Does an e-mail count?"

Pam: Not looking real preggers, is she?

Kelly: No lines? Bad job.

Alan Brand: Forgettable CEO.

David Wallace: So can we blame him as the CFO or just the bad economy on the fall of Dunder Mifflin?

Meredith: This year's breakout star was invisible after an early opportunity: "It looks like you're taking a dump."


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