Tuesday, November 10, 2009

They Are Who We Thought They Were: AFC East - Week 10

New England Patriots (6-2, 1st)
Last week: Def. Miami 27-17 at home
We thought: After two blowouts (albeit against winless teams), the Pats were re-kindling (bad) memories of the 2007 team. Tom Brady was starting to look more comfortable, Wes Welker can't be covered, and with a week to prepare, there was no chance the Dolphins would win at Gillette. Maybe it'd be close, but the Pats weren't losing.
They are: In a lot of ways, it was a vintage Pats win - probably a B- effort against a good team, and even though it was close, there was never much doubt to the outcome. A two-game lead in the division is probably good enough at this point, although a loss this week at Indy might make things more interesting. Don't think they lose though, and terrified that they'll be peaking right around playoff time.

New York Jets (4-4, 2nd)
Last week: Bye
We thought: Even when they have a decent team, it's still fun to make the "At least the Jets didn't lose last week" jokes. As entertaining as some of Rex's new attitude has been, it was actually a nice to not have to listen to any of those guys this week.
They are: The Jets don't have a bad schedule in the second half. New England on the road could be bad, but Carolina and Atlanta at home, and with any luck, Indy and Cincy will be resting for the playoffs in those final two weeks. Even looking at things optimistically, 9-7 seems inevitable.

Miami Dolphins (3-5, 3rd)
Last week: Lost to New England, 27-17 on the road
We thought: Tough, well-coached (2-pt conversions aside), nasty o-line. Winning in New England was a lot to ask for, even though we were kind of rooting for it.
They are: Regardless of their record, the Dolphins will be a tough out the rest of the way, and with three straight winnable games, they could easily be 6-5 heading into a Week 13 rematch against the Pats at home (right now scheduled for SNF on NBC). No shock that a last-ditch 4th down attempt late in the game Sunday was intended for Ted Ginn, who did his best Misty May in defelcting it away.

Buffalo Bills (3-5, 4th)
Last week: Bye
We thought: Thousands of fantasy owners everywhere must've been relieved they could put T.O. on their bench and not have to worry about him finally breaking out in Week 9.
They are: Maybe the Bills aren't that bad? Should've beaten the Pats on the road. Played New Orleans and Houston tough at home before crumbling late. Back-to-back road wins against the Jets and Panthers. But then there was a throttling in Miami and an indefensible 6-3 loss at home to the Browns. They're not good, but definitely not gawd awful.

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