Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They Are Who We Thought They Were: NFC East - Week 11

Dallas Cowboys (6-3, 1st)
Last week:
Lost to Green Bay 17-7 on the road
Next up: Washington at home
We thought: The Packers game was a little like playing with house money. Big win at Philly gave them some breathing room and week where they could avoid any bashing.
They are: Had a bad game. It happens. You could say that the great teams don't lose like that, but we'll give them a pass against an extremely desperate Packers squad. Cowboys will be fine.

Philadelphia Eagles (5-4, 2nd)
Last week:
Lost to San Diego 31-23 on the road
Next up: Chicago on the road
We thought: In the middle of mid-season lull.
They are: We'll see now if Brian Westbrook is truly the MVP of this team. LeSean McCoy can do some nice things, but does Andy Reid trust him enough to give him a full workload? Things usually don't go well for the Eagles when they're throwing 50 times a game.

New York Giants (5-4, 3rd)
Last week:
Next up: Atlanta at home
We thought: Forget getting back on the horse right after a tough loss. The G-Men needed a week to re-group.
They are: Suddenly after a couple losses from other teams, things don't look so bleak. Of course, it only looked bleak to people who overreact, which is about 90% of New York sports fans.

Washington Redskins (3-6, 4th)
Last week:
Def. Denver 27-17 at home
Next up: Dallas on the road
We thought: A live dog against a reeling Broncos team.
They are: Could Ladell Betts be a better player than Clinton Portis, or is he just fresher at this point in the season (as Sirloin friend Ti-Bo insisted this week)? Regardless, it's nice to see the best team on paper win a game on the field.

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