Friday, November 20, 2009

Saturday Slate: November 21

#10 Ohio State at Michigan
The last game of the Rich Rodriguez era. It won't be missed, unless you're a fan of a Big 10 team not named Michigan. Do the Wolverines (and R-Rod) have enough pride to show up and keep this close? You would hope so. And say what you will about Jim Tressel's boring style or inability to beat big teams or his pathetic wardrobe. But the dude beats Michigan. Best thing about this game: no more Big 10 football to suffer through for about a month until we get to watch them lose all the bowl games.
The pick: Ohio State 26, Michigan 16

#8 LSU at Ole Miss
There are many things to appreciate and admire about the south. The unbelievable food, the beautiful women, the friendly hospitality, etc. And then you read shit like this, and it just cancels everything out.
The pick: LSU 20, Ole Miss 16

#11 Oregon at Arizona
Would've been a lot cooler of a game had Cal not knocked off 'Zona last week. Although if your QB thinks he can throw a second pass after the first one was defelcted right back to him, then maybe you deserve to lose.
The pick: Oregon 49, Arizona 38

UConn at Notre Dame
Hey, speaking of last games...we're really sick of hearing about Charlie Weis' job security. Remind me why this is one of the most-desired jobs in America again? If they win though, the alma mater and seniors' final lap should be an emotional scene. Chucky's been stamped as a rough, arrogant guy, but he seems to legitimately care about his players and get wrapped up in all the pageantry.
The pick: Notre Dame 37, UConn 31

Harvard at Yale
The Crimson lost out on the Ivy title last week against Penn, but you'd figure they'd rebound for their main rival before entering the real world and screwing up Wall St.
The pick: Harvard 27, Yale 24

Lafayette at Lehigh
The Rivalry is the most-played football rivalry in the country, and has been played every year since 1897. Lehigh ended a four-year drought last year, and their 3-7 might be a bit misleading: they're 3-2 in league play. Which either means they played a really rough non-conference schedule, or the Patriot League stinks. Really not something for someone from the NESCAC to comment on.
The pick: Lehigh 23, Lafayette 20

Last week: 6-3

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