Monday, November 16, 2009

They Are Who We Thought They Were: AFC West - Week 11

Denver Broncos (6-3, 1st)
Last week:
Lost to Washington 24-14 on the road
Next up: San Diego at home
We thought: Reeling, exposed, primed to get beat against the Skins.
They are: Tough to totally kill Chris Simms, as there have been many times when a backup failed to impress in relief of an injured starter, but was solid with a week of preperation running with the first string. That being said, we still hold it against Simms that Major Applewhite didn't get a fair shake in Texas, and actively root against him and therefore retract the previous excuse. If he's the starter, the Broncs are screwed.

San Diego Chargers (6-3, 2nd)
Last week:
Def. Philadelphia 31-23 at home
Next up: Denver on the road
We thought: Simmering, on the verge of officially becoming dangerous, if they weren't already.
They are: About to go into Denver, whip the Broncs, and take the lead in the West for good. Even if the NFC East is overrated, that's two excellent wins in a row over the G-Men and Iggles.

Kansas City Chiefs (2-6, 3rd)
Last week:
Def. Oakland 16-10 on the road
Next up: Pittsburgh at home
We thought: The game against the Raiders was the least anticipated game of the year.
They are: At least Jamaal Charles has some explosion? At least they didn't get swept by the Raiders? Anyone?

Oakland Raiders (2-6, 4th)
Last week:
Lost to Kansas City 16-10 at home
Next up: Cincinnati at home
We thought: See Chiefs, above.
They are: Part of me wants to see JaMarcus Russell get benched for good (never thought he should've sniffed that #1 pick). Part of me wants him to keep playing so see how bad he can play and still claim he didn't play that bad. There really isn't a ceiling (basement?) for his sucktitude.

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