Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They Are Who We Thought They Were: AFC South - Week 11

Indianapolis Colts (9-0, 1st)
Last week:
Def. New England 35-34 at home
Next up: Baltimore on the road
We thought: On the verge of their first loss.
They are: Getting lost in the Belichick talk is how bad ass of a comeback that was. Peyton Manning is better at managing the clock than Herm Edwards was at mangling it, and that's saying something.

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-4, 2nd)
Last week:
Def. NY Jets 24-22 on the road
Next up: Buffalo on the road
We thought: Didn't think these guys were that good, and didn't think they'd go up and down the field on the Jets.
They are: Raise your hand if you own Maurice Jones-Drew in fantasy? (Raising hand). Raise your hand if you're a Jets fan? (Raising hand). Raise your hand if you're still keeled over from the triple kick in the nutbag - fumble on the 1, kneel on the 1, beat the Jets - that MJD inflicted upon you (raising hand while still keeled over).

Houston Texans (5-4, 3rd)
Last week:
Next up: Tennessee at home (MNF)
We thought: Want to believe in the Texans. Fun team to watch.
They are: Monday's game against the Titans is suddenly a lot tougher than it looked a couple weeks ago.

Tennessee Titans (3-6, 4th)
Last week:
Def. Buffalo 41-17 at home
Next up: Houston on the road (MNF)
We thought: A team with little margin for error not playing great for the first 6 games and having every break go against them suddenly has its swagger back.
They are: Vince Young, suddenly confident (and competent), playing in Texas on Monday Night. If he plays well and wins, you will most certainly hear about the Return of VY.

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