Wednesday, November 11, 2009

They Are Who We Thought They Were: NFC North - Week 10

Minnesota Vikings (7-1, 1st)
Last week:
We thought: It's become clear that Favre really wanted no business playing for the Jets last year. Even when his stats were good, he had that blank look on his face, like he didn't know the plays and didn't care to. Now he seems engaged, excited, and I think I just talked myself out of a Favre cold-weather collapse.
They are: If you're just interested in advancing in your suicide pool, Minny is hosting Detroit this week.

Green Bay Packers (2nd, 4-4)
Last week:
Lost to Tampa Bay 38-28 on the road
We thought: Heading to Tampa should've been a nice antidote after a rough Favre-dominated weekend. But then we heard the Bucs were wearing the Creamsicle jerseys...
They are: Possibly fraudulent. Other than opening night against the Bears (more on them in a second), this team continues to lose close games. Do we blame Mike McCarthy? Aaron Rodgers? We can definitively say that Rodgers holds the ball too long.

Chicago Bears (4-4, 3rd)
Last week:
Lost to Arizona 41-21 at home
We thought: On paper it was an intriguing game, and that was before all the inevitable Denny Green references.
They are: Frauds, particularly the defense. Just weird to see them get gashed like that (suppose not having Brian Urlacher doesn't help). Jay Cutler can only do so much.

Detroit Lions (1-7, 4th)
Last week:
Lost to Seattle 32-20 on the road
We thought: After finally getting a win and then playing the Steelers tough, these guys seemed like they were showing some signs. And against a mediocre-to-bad Seahawks team, win #2 didn't seem out of the question.
They are: Ah, the pitfalls of playing a rookie QB. 5 INT, a blown 17-0 lead, and a late pick-six for the impossible cover. Thanks God these guys play on Thanksgiving each year.